Ms. Rock Star Jenn (ms_jenn) wrote in psych_assist,
Ms. Rock Star Jenn


hi all,
my friend gave me some seroquel and told me it can be used as a sleeping pill.
i'm wondering how effective it is for recreational use/inducing sleep in those who were not prescribed it for schizophrenia?
i have a pack that i'd like to use occasionally but not if it will make me sick or drowsy the next day.
basically, i want to know what it feels like and what it does!
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[Ok, I just noticed how old this post is. I'm replying anyway in case the info is useful to anyone.]

Seroquel abuse has increased quite a bit in prison populations where neuroleptic (antipsychotic) drugs are easy to have prescribed and where extreme somnolence ("excessive daytime tiredness") is a desired effect. Outside of prison, however, recreational Seroquel use is pretty uncommon.

It makes you very tired and lasts a very long time. I've used it once for sleep and I will say that it made being in bed feel very nice--to the point where you'll want to sleep 24 hours straight. I think I slept 14 hours and still felt like I needed more. I didn't feel sick at all (most neuroleptics are very good at relieving nausea, actually) but the drowsiness lasted for about 72 hours, even though I slept for the majority of those hours.