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Please Help!!!

A very unfortunate incident took place Friday night between 9:30-9:50pm as I was walking back from office to home. Three black guys came and hit me on my head and ran away with my back pack. I had the office laptop in it, a webcam, project management book, my cell phone and bunch of music CD's Bob (my college at the county) lent me to listen during the week he was gone. I filed a complaint with the Deputy at the
Sheriff’s department, these are the details

Deputy White #605
Report # 05-******
Date: September-02-2005

I stayed late and worked hard so that I can do a good job at work, now I get beaten, and my office stuff gets stolen. The Deputy say's that its very unlikely that they can get my stuff back. Even the cops dont help me.I feel miserable I don’t know how to tell this to the boss and I am scared they might fire me for being irresponsible.
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