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Welcome to the Madhouse!

Where the inmates run the asylum

Psychiatric Support and Advocacy
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Welcome to the Madhouse!

There are many psychiatric support groups on livejournal, and this is just the latest of them. However, i created this community because of something i see as pandemic in the other communities: the "help me/i have a question" post. i'm not saying such posts are bad; quite to the contrary, they're the reason this community exists. Psych Assist is here to field questions about mental health, whether they be questions about medications, different kinds of therapy, diagnoses, or whatever you want to know. i'm not saying that this community will definitely be able to help; however, assistance and advocacy is what this community's moderator is all about, and i will do my best to provide both.

So a little about the moderator: my name is drew, and i am a mental health clinician and consumer living in New York City. i have lived with mental illness all my life, and i am dedicated to helping my fellow "mentals" (or whatever you choose to call yourself) lead happier, more fulfilling lives. i have had an eclectic psychological education, and this will be reflected in any advice i give.

A few rules to abide by:
--Anyone may join and anyone may post, but if you break the rules of the community, you will receive one warning and, should you break the rules again, you will be banned. i have no tolerance for trolls.
--If you're not a moderator but you think you can help someone in need, post. Your advice is important and welcome.
--When writing, please attempt to use "I" statements. This helps to clarify your needs and will help the moderator(s) and other members to provide you with assistance.
--Posts that are racist/sexist/classist/homophobic/transphobic or that contain slurs that are such will be deleted and the post-er warned.
--This is not a community that encourages infighting. If someone speaks from a different viewpoint than you, try to respect that and them. We're all in a boat here.
--That which is posted in this community stays in this community. This is our confidentiality clause. Cross-posting is perfectly okay.
--Please keep in mind that the moderator(s) is/are not your personal therapist(s).
--You may advertise your new community in this community, but only once.
--If you have a new rule that you think should be added, e-mail or im me and we'll talk about it.
--If you would like to become a moderator, e-mail or im me and we can talk about that too. i'll say it now: i DO NOT wish to be the sole moderator of this community.

That's it for now. i/we will try to help in any way we can. And again: Welcome to the Madhouse!
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