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Bipolar affective disorder treatment.

For the first time I was diagnosed with BAD type 1 at a residential psychiatric facility in 2000.
The character of the clinical course is fast-cycling. Mania periods are progressing less frequently and continue less time than depression periods. The balance between the number of days in maniac psychosis position and depressive position is about 1 to 8 now (until the beginning of taking mood stabilizers the balance was 1 to 3). Both depressive and maniac episodes may develop in different time of year but predominate in spring and autumn.

The current treatment:
mood stabilizers (carbamazepine) - constant everyday taking without gaps since 2005,
antidepressants (various of them were tested, now - Cipralex) - intake by courses during respective periods.
neuroleptics (several of them were tested, now - thioridazine) - rare intake only in hypomania and mania periods.

Such treatment notably improves the situation, but after all the complete recovery is out of distance. Every autumn and spring I'm spending months in disabled and helpless state on the verge of suicide.

Question is: what alternative and additional treatment modes may take place in this situation?

Vladimir, 28 years, Saint-Petersburg / Russian Federation
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