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Dexadrine in ADD diagnosis...

Hello all, I have a little question, I hope you can help me with it.

My doctor is trying to see if I have ADD (presented symptoms etc...) by prescribing dexadrine because a)I don't have the money for an extensive testing process and b) He finds it the most effective diagnostic tool- this is a good Doctor, he sat and discussed this with me for about an hour, he wasn't just throwing meds at me, I'm back in next week to see how this period of treatment has gone.

My question is especially for those with ADD (and of course ADHD) who have used stimulant medications and those who may have used them for other purposes. (i.e. tried them and found you didn't have ADD, 'recreational' use, etc).

What effect did dexadrine and other stimulants have on you? I definitely feel more focused, and while I feel focused I don't experience to any real extent any of the side effects. It only seems like after the focus is gone, do I experience them- sweating (I already sweat excessively, this just magnifies it), feeling cold, stomach things (very mildly), heart beating a little harder (not faster) than usual and a really bad emotional crash (about 25 minutes of severe depression [I've experienced moderate depression before] and loneliness).

Did dose have any effect on these things for you if you have ADD? (Like, am I taking too high a dose to have gotten those effects, or do I just not have ADD?) Conversely, do those of you (if any of you) who have used this without having an attention disorder find the same things? (i.e., side effects only -after- the main effect has disappeared?)

I thank you in advance for reading this novelette and for any responses... your help is very much appreciated!

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